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Dr. Lori Wiley

Carol Hopfenspirger

Linda Felcyn

Rose Karjala

Marilyn Hutnick

  We have expanded our presenting team in 2001. In addition to Dr. Lori Wiley, Carol Hopfenspirger, and Linda Felcyn we are glad to welcome Rose Karjala and Marilyn Hutnik to our team. Lori, Carol, and Linda have worked together for several years - and have approximately 100 workshops completed between them. With the addition of Rose and Marilyn, we feel that we have just the right combination of experience and energy to make our 2001 workshops the best yet!!
Dr. Lori Wiley    Dr. Lori Wiley is a developmental psychologist and associate professor who has been conducting research in the area of moral development and character formation since 1982. She completed a Ph.D. at Boston College and worked with Dr. William Kilpatrick, author of Why Johnny can't tell right from wrong. Her dissertation, completed in 1991, concerned character education. She has taught students of all ages including graduate and under-graduate students at nine colleges and universities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. She also taught high school English, middle school, grades 1 and 2, preschool and infants and toddlers. She is a frequent presenter at conferences and in-service workshops, has written five books on character education, and does consulting with schools. She is also a wife and mother of two teens/young adults.
Carol Hopfenspirger    Carol Hopfenspirger is a former Nashua teacher whose experience in both special education and classroom teaching make her a popular choice for workshops and in services. She attended the Institute for the 4th and 5th Rs as well as other national conferences in character education. Carol, along with being our lead presenter, is the mother of two young children. She can be reached at
 Linda Felcyn   Linda Felcyn is a former Nashua educator who was instrumental in starting a district-wide character education program. Her inspirational style combined with a sincere commitment to character education are appreciated by teachers, administrators and parents. Linda has conducted many workshops in the Nashua, New Hampshire area. She moved to Seattle in 1997 but has returned to NH late in 1999. We at CDF are very excited to have her back as a consultant and presenter.
 Rose Karjala   Rose Karjala is a special educator at Pinkerton Academy in Derry, NH. She has developed a school-wide character education program there. Her primary interest is the character development of adolescents. As a character educator she has presented many workshops for high school teachers and administrators. Her email address is:
 Marilyn Hutnick   Marilyn Hutnick is a dynamic high school English teacher who is preparing to become an administrator. Her enthusiasm and practical experience in character education for high school educators make her a valuable resource for our team. She has taught for over 17 years and has demonstrated extraordinary abilities in managing student behaviour.


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