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Who we are

Why we were founded

Board of Directors

Here is a brief explanation of the Foundation, our purpose and our vision for the future.

Who are we?

The Character Development Foundation was formed in 1993 to address "character and citizenship education". We are a grass-roots organization of private citizens who believe strongly in the importance of character. We have no political or religious affiliation and have been granted non-profit - 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.




Why were we founded?


Why did we form a foundation?

As educators (former & current) we identified a need in the state of New Hampshire. That need was a lack of character education resources for teachers at every level. Initially, our main focus was to offer workshops and in-service consulting. Since 1993, we have conducted over 70 workshops and 15 in-service programs. This has reached more than 2,500 teachers in New England. In subsequent years, we have broadened our emphasis with the ability to earn graduate credits (1997), books (1998) and a web site (1999). Our goal is to provide the educator with a complete tool-kit for every character education need.




Board of Directors


Board of Directors:

Dr. Lori Wiley

Dr. Lori Wiley is a Developmental Psychologist and Associate Professor who specializes in Character Education. She has served on the faculty at Rivier College in Nashua, NH and Notre Dame College in Manchester, NH.

Dr. Wiley conducted several major research projects in the area of Character Development and Education. Teachers of young children in both public and private schools have piloted her Character Education curriculum, and numerous teachers have implemented the strategies she teaches. She has authored five different books on character education.

She holds a Ph.D. from Boston College, a D.R.E. from Bethany College, and an M.A. in Early Childhood from Western Carolina University.

Lloyd Wiley

Beth Sandford

Lorraine Miller

Dale Sandford


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