Character Education Survey


On a scale of 1 to 5, 1=not important; 5=very important), how important do you think it is for the school to try to teach moral values and develop good character?_____

Why do you think so?

What kind of person would you like your child(ren) (students) to be when they graduate from high school?

Choose the five values from the following list that you think our school should most emphasize in a moral education program (circle five):

responsibility, dependability
hard work
self worth
curiosity, eagerness to learn
independence, self-direction
working well with other children
sensitivity to others
kindness and consideration
getting good grades
being intelligent
being assertive, not pushed around
being a leader
being athletic
being competitive

What do you think is the most appropriate name for a school-based effort to foster good values and character? (Circle one):
        Values education
        Character development
        Ethics Education
        Teaching the fourth and fifth Rs (respect and responsibility)

What do you think our school is already doing to teach moral values and foster good character?


How might we improve on our efforts in this area?


Exercise for developing Target Values

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