I learned from this web site that _______________________________________________


I plan to________________________________________________

I want to learn more about_______________________________

(Yes or No)
______ I would like my school to become a recognized comprehensive character-building school.

_____ I believe my school is a comprehensive character-building school, and would like to receive recognition for it.

______ Please contact me to set up an in-service for the staff of my school, so we can launch a campaign in our community for character development.

____ Please contact me regarding having a consultant working with staff of my school.

____ Please send me further information about school-wide assessment for a comprehensive character-building school.

____ Please send me information about the book, Comprehensive character-building school by Lori Wiley.

___ I would like to nominate the following teacher(s) at my school as candidates for recognition as having comprehensive character-building classrooms.



____ We have funds in our budget which could be used for the above. (Drug-Free School money can be used for Character Education)


School District:____________________________________

E-mail this form as an attachment to character@juno.com

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