Ways Parents Can Teach Character

1. Modeling: Teach by example. Use appropriate language. Admit mistakes and seek to correct them.

2. Provide good role models through books and movies. Watch together.

3. Call attention to moral issues in the newspaper and in the news.

4. Preach! Tell what you think about moral issues.

5. Set clear expectations, standards of conduct. State responsibilities.

6. Enforce consequences. Teach restitution, apologies, forgiveness.

7. Have family meetings to discuss moral issues. Listen to your children's moral questions with respect and concern. Help your children to openly communicate their feelings in an appropriate way. Listen. Create a safe environment for discussion and resolution of issues.

8. Play games like Choices and Scruples.

9. Have a family project where you care for the less fortunate, clean up the environment, donate time, food, clothes, money.

10. Put up mottos, signs, banners and posters. Put up pictures of heroes and heroines.

11. Tell True Life Stories.

12. Celebrate success. Give personal encouragement and compliments.

13. Give your children opportunities to make choices and decisions. Help them think clearly about consequences and values.

14. Teach courtesy.

15. Teach shared responsibility: chores, re-cycling, home upkeep, cleanliness and order.


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