Is it possible to measure and assess a person’s character and ethical integrity?
Can character and character education be taught effectively?
These are the questions that baffled educators between 1985 and 1995. We believe that people can and should check on themselves through self assessment. We have developed and piloted 65 character assessment tools (see Books: Assessment).

We also have developed an accreditation system for measuring the implementation of comprehensive character-building in a classroom. Using an observational instrument, “Comprehensive Character-Building Classroom Inventory,” as well as a questionnaire for parents, and another for students, the Character Development Foundation has designed an assessment process that includes self-study, portfolio, assessment by an administrator, a colleague, a community representative, a student and a professional in the field of character education. Through a team approach information is shared, discussed and evaluated.

The Character Development Foundation awards accreditation status to classroom teachers who have demonstrated comprehensive character-building in the classroom.

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